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Yoga Therapy

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Your Yoga Therapy with Margo

Are you looking into yoga for help with chronic pain, stress, or fatigue?  With therapeutic yoga we create personalized, simple, yoga solutions for self-care and healing. Yoga therapy sessions can offer much better results than group classes at the studio or gym because these private sessions give us time and space to customize your yoga practice just for you!

1:1 yoga therapy sessions are an ideal way to get realtime, personalized feedback and recommendations for your holistic wellness. And you can schedule appointments to fit your busy schedule, making the most efficient use of your precious time for self-care. You can meet me virtually via Zoom videoconferencing, or in-person at my downtown Sumner office each week. We will work together to design a personalized practice to match your individual wellness goals and establish new, healthy habits. No previous yoga experience or fancy yoga gear required.

What yoga therapy does not do:

Yoga therapy is a wonderful complimentary care option. It is frequently used in tandem with treatment from medical doctors or licensed physical-, occupational-, massage- or psycho- therapists; however yoga therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment from these professionals. It is never intended to supersede the care of any licensed healthcare provider for any condition. Nor do yoga therapists diagnose any condition. It is not the role of a yoga therapist to provide a cure for any acute ailment or injury, but rather to support the healing process.


And how is yoga therapy different from "studio yoga" or “regular" private yoga sessions?

Studio yoga classes are a fantastic opportunity to experience many of the benefits of yoga's mindful breathing and movement practices in the good company of other like-minded folks. Private yoga sessions are a great opportunity to get personalized attention and customized teaching that focuses on your own "yoga goals." If there is a particular pose, breathing practice, or meditation technique you are interested in learning – from fundamentals for new folks to more challenging work for experienced yogis – then studio classes and private yoga sessions are great!

If, however, you are interested in having a yoga practice specifically to actively, directly support your healing process – for your bodily or emotional health – then the extra time and approach of sessions specifically focused on yoga therapy for your particular healing journey is a better choice.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions about whether therapeutic yoga would be a good option for you.

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